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I haven’t done any vector illustrations in a while, and what better way to start than with a portrait of the lovely Julie Kent.


In October this year, Julie Kent – along with Paloma Herrera and Xiomara Reyes – announced her retirement from American Ballet Theatre at the conclusion of the 2015 season. Figures, just as I’m discovering ballet and these wonderful ballerinas.

Kent has been part of ABT since 1985. She was the only American to win a medal at the 1986 Prix de Lausanne, and in 1987 she charmed Mikhail Barishnikov, who convinced her to co-start with him in “Dancers”.


Kent is a beautiful, elegant dancer and a real sweetheart (and a mom to two beautiful kids). I wish her all the best for her post-ABT endeavours.

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Julie Kent Marcelo Gomes Roberto Bolle instagram

Julie Kent is the face of Hania by Anya Cole Spring/Summer 2015 (along with her daughter Josephine and an unusually stern-looking Marcelo Gomes).

Julie Kent Marcelo Gomes Hania

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