Evgenia Obraztsova doubles down on COVID-19 denial.

Last week, the Bolshoi’s prima ballerina Evgenia Obraztsova ignored the government’s advice against mass gatherings and attended a church service, assuring her instagram followers that “a church is the safest place” during a pandemic. Since then, Russia has enforced stricter rules to ensure that its citizens take self-isolation more seriously. In a recent livestream on […]

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“Church is the Safest Place”. Evgenia Obraztsova ignores self-isolation advice.

Russia currently has 1,836 reported cases of COVID-19, with 212 new cases registered in the capital overnight. 8 people have died so far. Until now, the country had seemingly kept the pandemic at bay, though there are speculations that the actual number of cases is much higher than reported. Over the past few days, the […]

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