Last week, the Bolshoi’s prima ballerina Evgenia Obraztsova ignored the government’s advice against mass gatherings and attended a church service, assuring her instagram followers that “a church is the safest place” during a pandemic. Since then, Russia has enforced stricter rules to ensure that its citizens take self-isolation more seriously.

In a recent livestream on her instagram, Evgenia Obraztsova urged her 144,000 followers not to give in to the panic surrounding COVID-19. This seemingly sound advice was rooted in Obraztsova’s firm belief that “God is on our side” in this battle.

“… it’s just another viral respiratory infection. It’s very unlikely that any of your loved-ones will get sick. And even if they do, they will most likely recover”.

“God will always help us.”

“God is on our side. And if God is with us, then who can stand against us?”

“What are you afraid of? That you will get sick? So what? If you get sick, you will recover. You will be treated and you will get better. People get sick all the time with the flu and common cold, some people even suffer from chronic diseases.”

Evgenia Obraztsova during her Instagram livestream.

58,929 have died from COVID-19 so far. There are currently 4,149 confirmed cases COVID-19 in Russia, with 34 people losing their lives to the deadly disease.

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