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A few weeks ago I posted a vector illustration of ABT principal dancer and one of my favorite ballerinas Julie Kent. I haven’t done vector illustrations in a while and wanted to try it again. Plus, I was really keen to try out a new blending technique I recently discovered. This is the most ambitious composition I’ve ever attempted and I’m quite happy with the results.


Diana Vishneva

My introduction to ballet began 2 years ago, and I discovered Diana fairly early on in that process. That’s hardly surprising since Diana – a graduate of Vaganova Academy, prima ballerina at the Mariinsky Theatre and principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre – is one of the most prominent artists working today. She is virtually everywhere, dancing across all borders and pushing ballet (both classical and modern) into the public conscience.


Visit Diana’s official website for more information about this wonderful ballerina and a calendar of upcoming performances and check out Context – a contemporary dance festival Diana created.

Follow Diana on Instagram here and here.


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